Let’s Cedar Shake This Place Up. The Wolseley Opera Hall.

Organization: Wolseley Heritage Foundation

Province: SK

City: Wolseley

Website: http://www.wolseleyhf.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WolseleyHeritageFoundation/

About This Project Idea

The Wolseley Opera House/Town Hall was built in 106 and opened in 1907. The building was condemned in the 1980s mainly due to the structural damage caused by the roof deterioration and leaking. Our goal is to raise money to replace the heritage style cedar shingles that are now over 30 years old. They’re not leaking at the moment but we don’t want to wait.

Community Impact

When the Wolseley Opera House/Town Hall was opened in 1907, it became the centre of activity for the Town of Wolseley. During the 1980’s this monumental building had been neglected such that the proverbial leaky roof severely compromised the structure to the point at which it was condemned, sitting unused until about 1990 – when the community rallied and raised the money to restore the provincially designated heritage property.

Over time, the building has been used for nearly every type of function imaginable. The building has seen lavish dramatic performances by local actors, touring musical groups, trade shows, art shows, dinners, meetings, conferences, weddings, and of course dance lessons and recitals. (pictured in the video).  Johnny Cash also performed here in the beginning of his career!

The Bells in the tower ring at 12 noon every day – advising workers that it’s time for ‘dinner’ (lunch)!

The Wolseley Opera House/Town Hall is a sought after tourist attraction, bringing many admirers to the magnificent building every summer.

Our community would not be the same without it!

About this place

In the settlement years of the West, a great optimism came upon the population, motivating them to begin a building boom.  The Wolseley Opera House/Town Hall was the result of that boom.  Construction began in 1906 using the plans of Mr. J.H.G. Russell, a prominent Winnipeg architect.  He was well known for his Romanesque style, which made abundant use of brick and rough stone.

Local brick was used in the buildings construction, but disaster struck when the brick yard was closed due to lack of clay.  The Beaver Lumber Company, (which originated in Wolseley) saved the day by bringing in train carloads of brick.  This brick was a different colour, however which led to the Wolseley Opera House/Town Hall has a distinctive two toned appearance. Our Opera House/Town Hall has loomed over more than a century of Wolseley’s history.  We are determined to keep our corner stone building for years and generations to come.

Why Give?

Your generous donation will be used to replace the cedar shake shingles which are starting to show their age especially on the west side of the building.  The money we raise through this campaign, along with the prize money should we be the winner, will go a very long way to pay for this extensive undertaking. If there extra money raised – rest assured- we will earmark funds for use within the Opera House/Town Hall.  We need new stage curtains, and enhancements for the kitchen that is well used during functions.