Neil’s Harbour – $10,000 Prize Winner

Neil’s Harbour – $10,000 Prize Winner

Organization: Neil's Harbour-New Haven Community Development Association

Province: Nova Scotia

City: Neil’s Harbour


Twitter: @NeilsLightHouse

About This Project Idea

Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse

Built in 1899, this gem of Cape Breton Island embodies historic significance. Once guiding fishing boats home from the Atlantic Ocean, the Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse acted as a beacon of refuge. In celebrating this heritage property, every person who visits the Lighthouse is informed of a rich cultural history. There are many oral histories of previous lighthouse keepers, stories of hardship from fishermen, and tales of living on the Atlantic Coast found within its walls. The Neil’s Harbour Lighthouse is truly an historic icon, it is important every generation is aware of its historic importance while keeping the local culture, oral histories and historic fabric of the community alive.