Save Lock One (Port Dalhousie, Ontario)

Organization: Kiwanis Club of St Catharines

Country: Canada

Province: Ontario

City: Port Dalhousie



Twitter: @SaveLockOne

About This Project Idea

We had the chance to touch base with our 2016 City Beacon winner. Read below for our interview with the project team- you may just pick up some helpful hints!

1) What progress have you made on your project since participating in the 2016 THIS PLACE MATTERS competition?

Since the 2016 THIS PLACE MATTERS competition our project has progressed in many ways.  Before the competition began we had all of the required permissions but we had very little of the funding required.  The competition had a spring-board effect and we now have approximately 80% of the required funds raised and work on the site has begun.  In mid-March crews entered the Lock 1 of Welland Canal 2 for the first time in decades in order to remove the overgrowth, debris and garbage that had accumulated.

2) How did participating in the 2016 THIS PLACE MATTERS competition impact your community?

The competition  brought greater public attention to the project and created an excitement about the project within the community.  It made it seem possible for the community to actually achieve the goals that were set.  This greater awareness and community support has had a multiplying effect.

3) What advice would you give a future project team participating in THIS PLACE MATTERS?

One of the most important things we did in preparing for the competition was prepare a video presentation.  People seem to react to vision and dreams when you help them to “see” it, a video is a great force multiplier.