Henry Island – $20,000 Prize Winner

Organization: Henry Island Lighthouse Preservation Society

Province: Nova Scotia

City: Inverness

Website: chesticoplace.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Chestico-Museum-Archives/106197469418363

Twitter: @chesticomuseum

About This Project Idea

Henry Island Lighthouse Preservation Society Restoration Project

The Henry Island Lighthouse is at risk. It has been over a decade since its last major renovation. Money is needed for vital repairs, including a repainting of the exterior, and a re-shingling to stave off rot. Funds raised will also be used to establish a museum in the first floor of the tower, displaying artifacts found on the island, as well as to install a live webcam so the entire world can see the beauty of Henry Island in all seasons and weather.

Though the Coast Guard maintains the light itself, and the generosity of the Port Hood Community has done its utmost to protect the structural integrity and beauty of the tower, additional support is needed. Without it, this beautiful icon will fall into disrepair. A restoration project would restore the outward beauty of this architectural and historical landmark and community symbol, and also preserve a vital link to the past for Port Hood’s current residents and their descendants.