Gabarus – $50,000 Prize Winner

Organization: Gabarus Lightkeepers Society

Province: Nova Scotia

City: Gabarus



Twitter: @Gabaruslight

About This Project Idea

This Lighthouse Matters inspired our village to work together and reach out to friends, family and complete strangers around the world to help us save our lighthouse. Had we not that prize, our lighthouse would have been destroyed when the cliff on which it sat eroded into the Atlantic. But we did win, the lighthouse has been moved to safer ground and will eventually be restored to its original state, ready to face the forces of nature and provide a safe homecoming for another 125 years.

Janet McGillen, Chair, Gabarus Lightkeepers Society –

This tiny fishing village on the south coast of Cape Breton Island punched well above its weight in the This Lighthouse Matters competition. By mobilizing their community and reaching out to extended networks they garnered enough votes to capture the 2nd highest cash prize.