Spirit of the Lyric!

Organisation: Lyric Theatre

Site web: http://www.lyrictheatre.ca/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thelyrictheatreswiftcurrent/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lyrictheatre_sc

À propos de cette idée de projet

In 1918 the top floor of the Lyric Theatre was converted into a hospital to care for the sick and dying during the Spanish Flu Epidemic. A nurse, Mrs. Lapp, was forced to care for all of families upstairs. Today nearly 100 years later the top floor of the Lyric remains unused and it’s sole occupant is the spirit of Nurse Lapp. Our goal is to raise funds to refinish the floor and bring it back to a usable state so that living, breathing, singing and dancing people can once again occupy the beautiful upstairs space. Help us send the spirits of the past away and welcome a new era of life and beauty to the historic Lyric Theatre located in the heart of beautiful downtown Swift Current, Sk.

Impact sur la communauté

After the project is complete, the upper floor will be able to service the local arts community. The space is intended for use as rehearsal space for musicians, artist studios and office space. We have met with a local arts cooperative that is interested in renting the space when it is available. Their vision is to create a shared space to teach lessons, rehearse, create and operate a small store which would stock those items not currently sold in our area. When the building is renovated, dozens of local artists and artisans can continue to hone their crafts, and hundreds of local and regional residents will be treated to quality cultural events and beautiful art within their own city.

À propos de ce lieu

The Lyric Theatre was opened in 1912 by a consortium of local investors. The municipal government, striving for city status, used the prospect of a new theatre with the lure of culture and big city entertainment in their advertising to bring newcomers to the town . The theatre has been drawing people in ever since. The memories of theatre patrons from the last one hundred years are as vast as the activities that have taken place here during the last century from church services to pet and poultry shows, music, movies, a shooting range, bowling alley, night club and the list goes on. The Lyric Theatre has great significance to the lives of people living in Swift Current today and the community sees our theatre as the cultural hub of Southwest Saskatchewan.

Pourquoi donner?

We are currently limited to using only the main floor of the theatre for programing, performing, rehearsing and office space. Restoring the floors, windows, and architectural components such as wainscoting will open up so many possibilities. Money given to the theatre will be used in developing space that will be available to artists, musicians, teacher and students and will open up a whole new world of possibilities. If we are able to exceed our goal that money will be used to finish the basement hard wood floors and tin ceilings.